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Give A Biography For Reverend Henry Ward A Pioneer In Early Childhood Education In Jamaica?

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Rev. Henry Allen Johnson

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Henry was born on March 31, in Coffee County, Alabama and was the fourth child of Roy and Lillie Johnson. Feeling the call to preach, Henry attended and graduated from Norman College in.

reverend henry ward () Reverend Henry Ward was born in Golden Grove, He recieeved his early education at Clapham Elementary School, then moved on to Elementary in Guys Hill.

Page 3 Biography Reverend Henry ward () Reverend Henry Ward was born in Golden Grove, St Ann. He received his early education at Clapham Elementary School, and then moved on to St. George`s Elementary in Guys Hill. Rev Henry Ward Cunningham is buried in the St. John's Cemetery and Columbarium at the location displayed on the map below.

This GPS information is ONLY available at BillionGraves. Henry Ward Beecher (), American Congregational clergyman, was an outstanding preacher and lecturer. He was probably the best known and most influential Protestant minister in the United States between and Beecher, William, and Samuel Scoville, A Biography of Rev.

Henry Ward Beecher Burton, Rev. Nathaniel J., Yale Lectures on Preaching and Other Writings Daggett, Rollin Mallory, The .

Rev henry ward
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